First yoga college in China, the India-China Yoga College (ICYC) offer Master’s degree in yoga

First yoga college in China offer Master’s degree in yoga

India-China Yoga College (ICYC), China’s first dedicated yoga college, opened nomination for its new master program on Tuesday 10/10/2017.

Contact for Details ICYC : Tel: 0871-65902550, E-mail:,


According to Lu Fang, deputy dean on ICYC. students can now sign up for a three-year program, of which the first two years will be the entire capital of Kunming, Yunnan province of Southwest China and all over India.

Lu said, students completing this program will get degree diploma from both Yunnan Minzu University and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Society of India.

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Postgraduate courses will include Asana (Poses), Pranayama (Yoga), Yoga Medicine and Physiology as well as Hindi and Sanskrit to eliminate language barriers.

To help students prepare for studying in India, this college will also provide courses on Indian culture.

India-China Yoga College started registration at postgraduate course

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