What Steve Jobs did for success, read Steve Jobs’s 3 Success Story

Steve Jobs has a death anniversary on October 5. Steve, who used to name his name throughout the world, was killed on October 5, 2011, due to pancreatic cancer. There are many stories related to them which can inspire any person. We are telling you some similar stories related to that which he had shared on 12 June 2005 in the program at the University of Stanford University.

Story number -1

Steve Jobs had narrated his first story in this way. He told, “I was fired from college, but before I tell it, why did it tell me the story of my birth. My mother was a college student and was unmarried. She thought she would adopt a couple who is a graduate, It was decided before my birth that I would adopt a Lawyer and his wife, But he did not want son, want daughter. When I was born, the adoptive parents were told that Son is born, do they want to adopt me, they got ready.

However, when my mother came to know that the parents who are adopting me are not graduates, mother refused to give me. A few months later my mother was soft when the adoptive parents promised that she would send me to college. At the age of 17 I got a college admission. During my studies, I felt that all of my parents’ income is being spent in my studies. I did not understand what I would do in my life. Eventually, I decided to drop from college and thought that I would do some work. At that time the decision was probably not right, but today when I look back, I feel that my decision was right.”

Story number-2

I was very lucky in what I wanted to do in life, I did. Woz and I started Apple in the garage together. At this time I was 20 years old. We worked hard and in 10 years Apple touched the heights. The company, which started with two people in a garage, reached 2 billion people and 4,000 workers started working in it. We release our best creation Macintosh. As the company progressed, we chose a talented person to handle the company. In the first year, the company did a great job, but the vision that we had about the future has failed. When I was 30, I was fired from the company.

Story number-3

When I was 17 years old, I had read a quotation, which was something like that, every day, think that it is the last day, so one day it will definitely come, when the day will come. This line impressed me a lot. In 33 years I see my face every morning and I think if today is my last day, then I should do what I want. For many days, the answer to his question was mugged. I will die soon, it inspires me to do more work in life. A few years back, I found cancer.

The doctor told me that I would be alive for three to six hours. Told me to tell the family about my illness and my work. I got my treatment, surgery was done. Now I am absolutely right. I saw very close to death. Nobody wants to die, but death is a fact, which everyone has to face. We all have less time, so instead of listening to someone, listen to your voice and believe in the sound that comes, and go ahead.


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