The words of Steve Jobs quotes that will change your mind

The Apple company has launched the iPhone-8 13th September 2017. It is believed to be a big success for the company. All the iPhones that have been launched by the company so far have preferred the customers. Steve Jobs, who started this company, did not live in this world, and today the company has launched this iPhone at Steve Jobs Theater, named after him. Steve Jobs was counted among the well-known American industrialists. His childhood was a long struggle. If he did not have the money to read, he would have done his job by doing his job. In 2003 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away. Even today, Steve words in the industry work to inspire people …

Steve Jobs quotes

#1. The difference between a leader and a follower is that the leader always does something new and the follower follows his words.

#2. It is good to celebrate success but learning from failures is even more important.

#3. It is better to do a lot of work than to do one thing in a best way. ‘Better’ than ‘Good’ is better.

#4. If you want to do some work well, love him. The work you love will start to improve yourself.

#5. Good artist mimics the idiots. Great actors steal the idea. So how to shy away from adopting any ideas?

#6. If any work seems to be difficult or impossible, then say to yourself that you can do it. Then think about how to do it. You will find that the work is completed.

#7. If you have less time then do it instead of living someone else’s life that you like. Success definitely will be found.

#8. It is also important to tell your team what to not do.

#9. I do not have to be rich. Just when I sleep at night, I am satisfied that something new is done today.


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