How Voda Paw business can change your life as a turn over Rs 4.39 crores

When troubles are strong, then a strong to strong person also breaks, but in the difficult times, the way to learn the way to live is to get rid of it. Due to global recession, the economy of countries around the world was shaken in 2009. During this time, the big business people also missed the job. Mumbai’s two boys working in London were also in the grip of this recession. His gardener condition had become so bad that he had been put in push car for a vada paw in compulsion. But he says that if you have a sense of skill and work, then it is not long to change the day. Something similar happened with those two guys. Both of these boys sell Vada Paw even today, but their annual turnover is Rs 4.39 crores.

The matter is seven years old. At that time many companies had shut down due to recession and the people working in it became unemployed overnight. Sujay Sohani, living in Mumbai, was then a food and beverage manager in a five star hole in London. During recession, he also got a job. They had neither any other job nor money. In such a situation, he said to his friend Subodh Joshi, saying that he has no money left till he has eaten a voda pav. In the conversation, the word ‘Vada Paw’ got into the minds of both of them and from here, they got the idea of selling Vada Paw in London.

According to Mid-Day’s report, finding a place to sell Vada Paw was not less than a challenge in a lower budget. After a lot of running, finally an ice cream café gave the place to sujay and subodh. Instead, he had to pay Rs 35 thousand per month as rent. Both 1 pounds i.e. for 80 rupees, Vada Paw and 1.50 pounds i.e. selling bucks for Rs. 150 But it was not enough to start the business. The profit was not getting equal. After this, he got another idea. They would go to people in London’s streets and ask them to do a free paw and dabely test. They used to promote Vada Paw as an Indian burger. What was then London’s people started liking the Vada Paw.

Sujay and Subodh’s business was growing and now they needed a bigger place than that little cafe. They opened a second stall nearby. After this a Punjabi restaurant offered them to do business together. Proposal was good, so both of them agreed. Now Shri Krishna Vada Paw Stall was transformed into a restaurant.

There are currently three-three branches of the restaurant of Sujay and Subodh, in which 35 people work. Apart from Vada Pav, now includes about 60 types of Indian street food in their menu. Their restaurant also takes orders for wedding parties.

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