Start from home Day Care business which future is bright

Day-care center or crèche’s business is growing rapidly in cities. Demand for crèche is constantly increasing due to the job of both husband and wife in the nuclear family.

Why day care business is the profitable?

Parents do not have time to handle the children in the working hour. That’s why she looks for trustworthy options to handle children. That’s the reason..

How much will invest for day care business?

It requires 2 to 10 lakh rupees to start this business. However, if you have your house or area, then this business can be started from 50 thousand rupees ..

How much should the place?

For day care you need 1500 – 2000 square feet area. The rooms should be airy and large. Place to play, clean kitchen, room for play room ..

Expenditure for day care business

One time cost

Kids Furniture, Kids Toys, Puzzle Games, TVs, ACs, Fridges, Microwave Ovens, Informational Chart It will have to invest around fifty thousand rupees.

Operating cost

Employees’ salaries, electric-water bills are your fixed cost to run day care.


Must register from local municipal corporation .

Professional staff

You will also need to have professional staff for children. Like pre-school teacher staff and maid..

CCTV Camera

Must be CCTV Camera in Your Day Care. Parents can watch videos of children live on their mobile when needed. This will increase your parents’ trust in your daycare …

These things have to be taken care of day care.

You should have a children’s doctor, dietician, who can be in an emergency on your phone call. You have to keep in mind that you are dealing with children. So furniture, activity area and infrastructure should be so that they do not hurt anybody.


Handout in which, Toddler’s food menu and activity are written ….

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