Those signs which indicate that your job is in danger. – know what?

Do you think your importance in office has diminished? The hands that you were given to help you have been transferred to another manager inadvertently? Is the behavior of the boss too strict to you? There may be many similar gestures to find a new job. There are some things that you can improve but sometimes the situation is out of your reach. These conditions are those signs which indicate that your job is in danger. Here we refer to these signs.

#1. Not calling in meeting.

If you are not being invited to take part in an important meeting, or if important mail is not being kept in the loop then this is a bad sign for you. This means that your importance is now reduced to the eyes of the boss. He does not think there is any benefit or good result coming from your presence in the meeting.

#2. Suddenly the relationship with the boss worsened.

If the boss is ignoring your suggestion, neither he sees you or smiles at you, he has started to monitor you more than the needs of every work, repeatedly straining, even greeting your greetings. If you do not answer, then understand that your job is in danger.

#3. Your work has been snatched from you.

If you have been stripped of your responsibilities, your projects have been given less, then understand that this is not a good sign. Very often it happens that the responsibilities are increased very much and the resources are snatched away to some other manager. If you do not have hands, you can not perform well. This makes your review itself bad.

#4. Can not complete the target.

If your department, or whole company is not able to consistently complete their sales or production targets, then remember that a pink slip can be paused in your hand. In such a situation, no matter how well you perform, your job can go anytime.

#5. Your work is never appreciated.

If you have done something that was not done by a member of the team before and you are not going to support it, then understand that the environment is negative for you. The boss is not exactly giving notice of your work and hard work.

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