Nisa-MASP join hands, now students of budget schools will get hi-tech education

NISA & MASP joint together: Now budget school entitle to learn hi -tech technology education.

Students studying in small and low-paying (budget) schools will now be able to get hi-tech education similar to students of big schools. They will also be able to get a chance to learn and understand sitting in the smart class and seeing the text content described in the books on the screen.

Simultaneously, they will also be trained virtually to connect teachers of the budget schools with state of the art education system. It would be possible that by coming together of the All India Organization of the Budget Schools National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) and Microsoft India. Be aware that Microsoft India has decided to join the schools in the country for the first time in the field of teaching training.

Nisa and leading software company Microsoft India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, according to which 55 thousand schools of 20 states in the country will be equipped with the Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP). Under this program, the students of the school will get the opportunity to learn Productivity Tools, Office 365, Skype, Yammer, Windows Apps, Agor Concepts, Big Data and Internet of Things, Entrepreneurship Case Studies and gaming. Apart from this, he will also get the chance to attend four webinars (online seminars) in the month.

National President of Nisa Kulbhushan Sharma expressed happiness over the agreement with Microsoft India and said that with this initiative, now 55 thousand schools affiliated with their organization will be able to get MASP Pro-Plus technology. This will strengthen the purpose of our organization to improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of education of budget schools.

Amit Kumar, general manager of Microsoft India’s Small and Mid-Market Solutions, said that Nisa is very happy to be a partner in completing the dream of education and promoting digital learning in our schools. Amit said that he is confident that education will get a chance to overcome the boundaries of this sector using modern technology. Both the teacher and the student will be able to use their full potential.

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