University of Cambridge is going to end 800 years old tradition of written examination

UK’s prestigious Cambridge University is considering ending the tradition of writing written for more than 800 years. Looking at students’ poorly written handwriting, the university is in favor of exams on laptops or iPads. Teachers said that due to the increasing reliance on laptops, the writing of the students is no longer worth reading.

With the use of laptops among students to take notes of lecture, the use of laptops is continuously increasing, and in such a case, the tradition of taking the test by writing in the hands of more than 800 years will end. According to the Telegraph, Cambridge University has now started consulting on this issue under its ‘Digital Education Strategy’. In this context, for the history and classics faculty initiated a typing test scheme in the beginning of this year.

Senior lecturer Dr. Sarah Pearless said at the Cambridge History Faculty of this initiative that the writing between the generation of existing students is becoming a ‘missing art’. He told the newspaper, “15 -20 years ago the students used to write regularly for a few hours by writing in a day, but now they do not write anything except the exams.” He said that a teacher We are concerned about the drop in handwriting.

There is definite decline in this. It is becoming difficult for both students and teachers to read handwriting. Pearl said that it is welcome that the university is thinking about such an initiative. It is not so, however, that everyone is happy with this initiative. Some people have expressed concern that ‘handwriting will become a thing of the past and will remain in memories only.’

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