When the father dies, the married girl will also get a job, the historic order is the Calcutta High Court

Now if the father dies, the married girls will also get a job. The Calcutta High Court gave the historic verdict on Wednesday in response to a case. In fact, after the death of his father Birbhum Purnima Das had filed a case in the High Court for the job. The High Court gave the verdict in the case. Besides, the word ‘married’ can not be written in the job notices, because the high court order, The High Court has directed the Labor and Panchayat Office to change the notification.

Recently, another landmark ruling over the rights of married girls gave the country’s top court,

Recently, another historic decision on the rights of married girls was given to the country’s top court. The Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court judges of the Supreme Court gave decision to ban Muslim women immediately. As a result of this decision, Muslims were relieved of married women, who were tortured and harassed by the Three TALAK, who came out of age.

Then, another important verdict of the Calcutta High Court on this day.

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