If you are looking for a job then do not worry, Google “Higher” will just have to help you.

In the competition with Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, Google has launched the recruitment app “Higher“, which is for small and medium sized companies. It can be integrated in an apt suite with APG suite. Google Cloud Senior Product Manager Briat Johnson wrote in a blog Tuesday, “Higher gives you effective management for identifying talent, building a strong relation with the candidate and for the interview process.” Haier lives in a uninterrupted way. Suit’s app connects with Gmail and Google Calendar, which is used in the process of recruiting more than 3 million businesses.

Johnson said, “Higher and G Suites are designed to work together with each other so that members of the recruitment team can focus on their main priority. Rather than waste time in copy-paste between different tools.

It is expected that Google’s new app will be working for job seekers and job-making institutions, you just have to download this app.

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