ICAS System to assess the learning-ability of students in India

ICAS Australia’s University of New South Wales – A global system has begun in India. Identifying difficulties in learning and helping students improve their academic skills.

Macmillan Education, the leading publisher of the English language school curriculum material, has introduced ICAS in the Indian sub-continent. The program has started.

An independent skill-based assessment exam is the initiative of ICAS Australia’s University of New South Wales.

This is a way to help parents and teachers learn about their students’ ability. They can learn from the ability to solve the students’ logic, ability to think and solve problems.

Now It is done in more than 20 countries, 14,500 schools participate in ICAS and evaluate more than 89 lakh students.

Yaksh Mehta, director of McMillan Education India, said that the present examinations in various education boards are based on school curriculum. Assessment will benefit four stages – students, teachers, principals and stakeholders.

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