Office workTips: Know how to work with a partner who does not work

Every one office has one or the other employee who always likes to stay in the schedule of 9 to 5, or say that with a long lunch break 9:15 to 4:59 office duty is done. Because of such people the office environment is poor and other employees also lose work output. Working with the people of the office is very difficult to work with and the brunt of the whole team has to suffer. Learn how to work with a partner who does not do any work in the office .

Avoid the work of those who do not work

If you have to do the work of your co-worker, stop making this thing as soon as possible. Just focus on your work as much as possible and if the non-working co-worker says something to you, then learn to say no to him in a humble manner. If you start doing this then there are two things that are likely to happen. First of all that … either the productivity of the co-worker will increase and secondly that your manager will start seeing the work output less.

once talk to coworker

If your partner is not working in the office and due to this you are having extra pressure, then once you talk to your partner. To avoid this problem, you can clear one on one thing alone from him. Because, at times, due to the turmoil in personal life, the employee can not pay 100 percent of his work.

Talk to the manager

A team manager always wants his team to give their best, because if the team’s output is not good, then the first thing will be on the manager. If you think that the co-worker is imposing your work on you despite lakh attempts, then inform the manager about his attitude once. This would be the benefit of telling the manager that the whole team will not have to travel and your partner fleeing the work will start doing their own work or will be looking for another job for himself.

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