These 5 common interview questions are asked in every job interview, let’s answer them

Common questions to be asked during job interview

As soon as the idea of job change comes, everyone comes first in the interview and after this most people start getting nervous. During the interview, no one is aware that on which topic the employer will talk to you and which questions you will ask, but during the interview there are some questions which are always asked. Although interviews are for different jobs and answer respondents are different too.

Tell about yourself

Before answering, it is important to understand how the question has been asked, whether it is about your personality or about education. In reply, you can also tell about your nature, hobbies and background.

What did the biggest challenge come to you during work and how to cope with it.

It is a bit difficult to think about the perfect situation. If you have the answer, then it should not be just about that situation, it should also be told how you came out of it and then what was going on in your mind and what is your learning with it? What else did the company gain from you?

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Why are you looking for a new job

The answer should be avoided by critics of the old boss or company. You can say that you want to take new challenges. Where to get better use of your quality.

What the reason? – Even after hard work, you can not get good job promotions.

How do you handle stress

In response to this question, you can say that the Challenges inspires to do more work and falsely deadlines.

What is your greatest weakness

This is a very compounded question and in response you can present some of your quality as a weakness, as if I am a perfectionist and I am not happy till I get the best results.

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