Social Media Tips: These post on Social Media could steal your personal information

Hacking cases are increasing rapidly through phishing. Hackers in fishing do cyber attacks through malware links. Facebook users are getting a link with emoji in the inbox. Users easily click on links from friend’s account. Clicking on this link can put the user in difficulty.

Leak your details – This extension will allow hackers to track all the activities of your system. User information, including password banking details, will be needed to reach hackers. Actually, in the last step the user will add an extension to his browser, it is a huge scam, through which millions of fraud can be easily done. Hackers may ask you for a ransom instead of these details.

What is Facebook Policy – Scams and malware on Facebook are not going to last long, and as soon as the developers of the site get information about such malware, such links are removed. However, by then many users have become victims of hackers, and in such a situation, Facebook can not help any of them. Vigilance is the only option to avoid this.

Folow the social media safety tips

#1. Your posts should be clear and relevant to Social Media.

#2. Your posts should respect the community and be free from any profanity

#3. For your safety, avoid posting personal information such as your phone number, email, personal address, picture of your ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) or credit card details.

#4. Avoid posting the same question, answer or comment several times, and be useful to avoid telling others your answers.

#5. Avoid linking postings, which send people directly to other websites, unless related to social media.

#6. Make sure you are posting in the same language as the community you are visiting

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