Instagram live: It’s fun to talk to this feature of Instagram

How to live instagram

There are new changes every day in social media, so it is better to move forward from the rest of the world. In this sequence, Instagram has added a new feature to its app. The app has added new ways to reply to photos and videos in order to talk directly to friends.

Replying to the direct message of the photo or video sent by friends, Instagram users can now reply with their own photo or video. For this, tap Reply in any message, this will open the camera. After this, you can create your own photo to send. All the reply to which you are replying will include the sticker of the video or photo. Apart from this, Instagram has also added split screen reply to option app.

For this, users can use the sticker already present in every reply in reply to a friend. As soon as users tap this sticker, they will be seen in the top of the screen with the user’s photo. This feature is available in the latest update of Instagram.

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