What is Mcgill minerva and who Can Use Minerva Mcgill

What is Mcgill Minerva

Mcgill university Minerva is a user-friendly web interface for banners, databases where all McGill’s students, employees, and financial data are stored. – https://www.mcgill.ca/minerva – here all the personal & financial profile  database available of students and emplyees. Its is a self access services, where emplyee students access with the McGill ID (9 digit) that appears on your McGill ID card and Minerva PIN (6-character initial Minerva PIN by email).

Who Can Use Minerva Mcgill university

If you were registered in the School of Continuous Studies during the previous year, or were recently admitted to a program, then you have to use Minerva to register for the courses.  All McGill faculty and staff. Former staff  who can access to the self-service Personal and Employee menus. You want login Minerva first time then use your,

If you are a full-time McGill degree student, you can use Minerva to register for a continuous study course. If you are currently in a McGill degree program and would like to take a continuous study course for credit towards your program, then you have to get authorization from your faculty.

If you are currently in the McGill degree program and would like to take a continuous study course for interest or personal development, you can register using Minerva. With the exception of some professional development courses and some faculty partnerships and short courses of summer studies, workshops and seminars, these courses will appear on your official transcript, but they will not be counted when your degree requirements are met

The reason if you unable to login Minerva

  • your fees is outstanding.
  • you did’t get a Permanent Code.
  • your registration is on hold as per your record for administrative or academic reasons.
  • you have registered for a Language course and your record does not indicate successful completion of the previous level.
  • If you do not have the prerequisite for the course(s) you wish to register for Minerva.


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