Best accredited online college courses.

Best accredited online universities who conduct online courses

All the universities given below are accredited online universities with free online course offerings. These accredited online classes are usually given as part of an OpenCourseware (OSW) project. The materials can be accessed at any time and curriculum is self-directed, however no academic credit is given to complete the course.

University of California

The best accredited online university in USA – University of California – Irvine started providing the OCW since 2006 and has a strong offer of free curriculum, content and lecture series. In the university list of non-credit courses, subjects such as physics, biological chemistry, capital market and computer science have been included. Many courses include video lectures, readings, homework assignments and exams.

University of California – Berkely started free online Video courses which are available as podcasts and video webcasts. Courses offered on various subjects like Astronomy, Computer Science, Engineering, Law and Philosophy. Courses on the site usually do not include homework assignments or exams.

University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers free accredited online college classes, non-credit courses on the OCW website. In subjects such as History, Psychology, Nursing and Public Policy, Students have access to the material provided on the site, which may include lectures, projects and homework assignments.

Tufts University

Tufts University is a online accredited universities has free OpenCourseware that are available to anyone with internet access. Many of the available courses are in science, such as medicine, dental and veterinary science. Courses do not have credit value on this site, but students may have access to curriculum content, such as homework assignments, lecture notes and other supplementary material.

Utah State University

Utah State University is a fully accredited online universities provides access to free online courses by OSW. These non-credit courses include anthropology to wildlife resources. Course resources include lecture notes, homework and reading work. Materials can be downloaded or viewed directly on the site.

Harvard University

Harvard University is a best accredited online universities provides its online students with all the necessary services and materials to complete their goals in a more and more convenient way, with the help of counseling services, academic advice, and tuition in the field of students’ study campus, The student will have access to all the benefits provided. Just like Harvard’s traditional, class courses, many online classes are transferable to other institutions of higher education, allowing students to complete their education, whatever place they are most comfortable with. Online classes at Harvard can also be covered with financial assistance.

University of St Francis

More than 120 accredited online classes are available in the online format at the University of St. Francis, many of which go towards degree programs which can be completely completed from home. Online students will benefit from more flexible course programs and will be able to save money, a traditional student has to spend on transit and parking. Student resources are available for all St. Francis students, including distance learning. Online help is available in all hours, whatever the desire for the students to guarantee, they will be able to complete their school work. Online credits earned at St. Francis University can be accepted in other institutions of higher education.

Columbia University

Best acredited online universities and Graduates student can be interested in continuing their education with an online program offered at Columbia University in New York City. Online masters degree programs or graduation level certificate of professional achievement. Online students who wish to integrate with the online campus community can consider studying in an online format, allowing students to spend half of their home and half of the Columbia University campus. Hybrid students will have more timely flexibility, as well as the option of participating in campus clubs and organizations.



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